Critical Friend

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How we get up and running:  


When you work with your Critical Friend we promise to operate in an environment of Trust, Honesty and Respect.

Your Critical Friend Promises to:


Help you frame and work towards genuine lasting and positive change

We will do this together by exploring your:

  • needs, motivations and desire.
  • skills, thought processes and priorities

We will do this by:   

  • listening to you
  • asking searching questions to explore and truly understand your situation

  • determining and applying the most appropriate thinking and profiling tools along with  change techniques

  • identifying solutions and actions that are authentic to you and your situation

  • setting appropriate goals and agreeing methods of assessing progress

  • encouraging and supporting you to commit to action

Throughout this friendship we offer unconditional positive regard for you. Being your critical friend, not judgemental to help you develop personal competencies


We will encourage you to continually improve your competencies and to develop new developmental alliances so that you do not develop unhealthy dependencies on this critical friend coaching or mentoring relationship.

What you promise to do:

  • Operate in an environment of total; Trust, Honesty and Respect

  • To be open in discourse – help us understand your situation and your true aspirations

  • To commit to and make time for the agreed schedule of meetings

  • To deliver any pre-meeting work or thinking that we have agreed in previous sessions

How do we price our work with you:

  • We will tell you what it will cost to run a session or cycle (the low cost), and we shall tell you what we think it is worth (the high cost)

  • You pay the low cost at the beginning of the sessions, and at the end you choose if to pay any extra up towards the high cost.
  • This means that we trust you to make a decision on the value you have received and your ability to pay

It really is as simple as that, your decision. No attempt to negotiate from us whatsoever.

The Products (Relationship Journeys)

  • Business coaching & mentoring

  • Executive coaching & mentoring.

  • Performance coaching and mentoring

  • Skills coaching & mentoring

  • Personal coaching & mentoring

  • Workshops and team events

A suggested first cycle of delivery:

We agree to commit for a 4-week cycle. For Cycle One we suggest 5, one to two hour Skype sessions, where;

  • Skype 0, is the induction session. The outcomes are: agreeing rules of engagement, setting desired outcomes, leading to an acceptance, or decline by either party
  • Skype 1-3 is the coaching and mentoring loop, each session being documented with topics, observations, application of tools and homework for the next session.
  • Skype 4 is the final coaching session which will close the cycle. Here we will reflect and review to agree what are the next steps, where the options include:

Route A. Agree and commit for another (month) cycle or adjust the frequency

Route B. Take a sabbatical and schedule a future contact date

Route C. Stop. At this point we may/may not resurrect the relationship in the future.


In all of these options (a, b and c) we will set new targets, reconfirmation of commitments and agree any special support required. 

Dispute resolution – what happens if we fall out

We shall resolve any disputes or disagreements by communicating openly and commit to working together in a spirit of mutual benefit


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